So…it’s been a while!

When I started this blog, I intended to post at least every couple of weeks, but, as you can tell, I have not met that goal!  This blog was supposed to be about the mod of me; what was left after everyone else had been given their little piece.  After returning to school this past fall, I found my mod was 0 after I spent my days teaching, learning, doing homework, grading papers and writing lesson plans, spending time with the boys and maybe, just maybe, working in some time with my husband.  Although the fall semester ended in December 2011, the wounds it left on all of us have taken a while to heal, but I’m feeling much better now and much more like my old self.  I’m working on a new post I hope to publish toward the end of next week and I am renewing my goal to have a new post at least every two weeks.  Until then…Namaste.